How to Verify an Email Address Without Sending an Email?
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How to Verify an Email Address Without Sending an Email?

You're a marketing manager and you convinced your customer to start taking email marketing seriously. The client collected thousands of email addresses of its clients. You created an email marketing strategy, curated the first content and now you want to send your first email newsletter to a couple of thousand customers. Great! But wait.

Those email addresses were hardly used for who knows how long. You might get into trouble by numerous bounces, spam traps and spam complaints. This will harm your sender reputation and for sure the success of your email marketing strategy.

To avoid this situation you can use an email validation service to clean your email list from invalid and harmful email addresses. This is useful in cases where you inherit a contact base and you're not aware of the quality.

To verify email addresses without sending an email sign up to an email validation service. We compared the 10 best email verification tools in an article.

To clean your contact list export the data as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Usually, all systems provide an export functionality. Use the exported file and upload it to an email validation service.

Create an Email Validation Job

The email validation service does its work and verifies the correctness of all email addresses in the uploaded file. No emails are sent to the recipients. We wrote more about how email validation services work in How to clean your Email List and Email Verifier - Validate and clean email addresses.

When done you'll find a report with an overview of the validation result. How many emails are deliverable? How many emails are invalid? How many emails are considered risky? - risky emails are role-based email addresses or emails from temporary email services with usually very low engagement and high spam complaint rates.

Email Validation Report

Download the detailed validation result using the options menu. Open the file in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers.

Email Validation Report in Google Sheets

The spreadsheets contain columns with detailed information about the validation result. The last column holds a quality score from 0 - 10 for an email address. You can use this information to filter your list and import the result into your original system.

Connect an Email Validation Service to HubSpot

It's a good idea to constantly check the validity of your email addresses. Most email validation services provide out-of-the-box integrations. With an active integration, the email addresses of all new and updated contacts are verified instantly. This saves lots of time. You don't need to manually export/import your contacts. You have always the latest validation result ready.

Connect CampaignKit with Your HubSpot Account

Your contacts get two new attributes "CampaignKit Email Class" and "CampaignKit Email Score" which indicate the validity of the email address. Use those attributes as filter criteria of contact lists. The attribute contains the latest validation results.

CampaignKit Attributes in HubSpot


With a cleaned email list you make sure to protect your sender reputation. The sender reputation affects the success of your email marketing initiatives. It takes time to recover from a low sender reputation. Email Service Providers will mark your emails as spam or even reject them.  

What's the quality of your email lists? - find out and sign up for our email validation service for free.